Oatly Barista Packaging Animation


I love having fun animating designs I love. In this case the Oatly Barista cup on their packaging. In this case I also added a little steam and a sound effect. The cup was animated using a wiggle expression but this all had to be created in layers.

Christmas Cracker Motion Graphic


Using After Effects, Photoshop, Canva and Premiere Pro to create this simple promotional motion graphic to draw attention to a Christmas promotion on our social channels. I created the cracker graphic from scratch on Canva, sliced the graphic in two using Photoshop, colour graded a background animation using Premiere Pro, dropped in the cracker and

Social Media Animations


When creating content for business social channels I like to use graphics, simple animations and simple short video (often with a few lines of text) to draw attention to the topic we are trying to engage with. Time is always an issue with creation and workload so I am finding Canva useful in combination with

T-Shirt Etsy Store


As a trial in e-commerce I launched a test t-shirt store on Etsy on February 14th, 2021. Through social media I have created a number of strong, fun, images and animations to promote my store for a week to try and create a sale which I did, to the USA and to Malaysia! I’ve always

Word Cloud Animation

Short animations related to a celebratory day can often catch the eye of social media users. I created this short word cloud animation to celebrate ‘World Standards Day’ for my employer IMSM. It created good engagement with sharing and click throughs. If you would like an animated word cloud or text and image graphic to