People Videos

Employee Video

A business is all about the people. Without the people there is no business… Between September 2014 and December 2019 I worked for PMS Diecasting Ltd. as their ‘Digital Media Coordinator’. The role was incredibly varied and I loved that! In 2019, to celebrate ‘Employee Ownership Day’ I thought it would be great to put

Digital Business Cards

The digital business cards gave people a voice… One of the first main digital ideas I created and implemented during my time at PMS Diecasting Ltd. was the creation of Digital Business Cards. Employees were hooked up to a lapel mic and asked to introduce themselves and say whatever they wanted about what they did!

Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie asked me for some feedback… At PMS Diecasting Ltd. employees regularly got the opportunity to attend a course called “Winning Friends and Influencing People” which helped develop leaders of the future at work. The course benefitted many employees and when Dale Carnegie asked for some feedback we did a little video interview for

Dragon Boat Racing

A clever cut out effect which looks great in community event videos… We had so many team events and charity fundraisers taking place at PMS Diecasting Ltd. that it was sometimes nice to create short videos to remember the day. Here was one I created when we took part in a ‘Dragon Boat Racing’ event