Camera Club Website

I recently enjoyed creating a simple, clean, minimalist website for a photography club at . The project took 25 hours in total plus emails and tweaks and future work to do will be to add more galleries, events and to work on the SEO as their wish is to raise awareness of their club

PMS Diecasting

During my time at PMS Diecasting I was responsible for all content on our websites including case studies, news articles, product photography and job postings… It’s always important to add relevant content to web-pages when one is building a website. My responsibility at PMS Diecasting was to add engaging content, articles, news, case studies, jobs


I built the IngoSpec website from scratch using a WordPress CMS… It was important for the client to have a web presence. IngoSpec had none. I created a simple, quick website ensuring that the pages contained were relevant to their business and spent quite some time ensuring that page content, titles, keywords and metadata including


I created content for many of the pages on the GoTools website including the set-up of job alerts… Over the years I have enjoyed adding content to the GoTools website. This includes some of the photography, news articles, case studies and page content. Additionally I set up job-alerts using a sign-up form created in Mail-Chimp